Stanley Meyer 1992 Interview Incredible lost tapes found

Stanley Meyer 1992 Interview Incredible lost tapes found

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Incredible lost tapes recovered
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  • @Asymmatrix If he's such a fraud, then why was he killed? Oil companies don't waste time killing frauds unless he/she threatens them in some way.
  • @Asymmatrix Not conclusive no, but highly circumstantial yes. Stanely goes to talk with investers, suddenly drinks something, then falls dead telling his brother "I've been poisioned" b4 he dies. When everyone looks around, the investor are no where in sight. And even if circumstances wouldn't hold up in a court of law, there's definetly motive to silience Stanely's work especially considering at the time "California" passing a law for car companies to make eco friendlier cars. Very suspicious.
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  • No shit cuz some fucks still dont believe that this can even be done and its 2012 haha wow
  • this guy was so over the top, the oil company scum killed him, any idiot can see that
  • What is explained here is the basics of the EFI Electronic Fuel Injection systems which are present in every single car today. TPS EGR injector duty cycle and electronic ignition timming, fuel cut, ignition cut, already existed but he invented his own apparently.
    All the rest about the hydrogen generation, is rather vague...
  • @thegreatkoua Thoughts manifest thoughts for my life differ from your outcome for everyone...please remove me from your blanket statement & try to think positively for yourself. I have been well aware of the challenges which lay ahead for many years but I have faith in love & I understand that, given enough time, there is a positive side to everything that happens. In other words, omelets are made only after eggs are broken. Fear nothing ~ even death.
    Peace & Love 2 U
  • @thatswassupone Oh, sorry. I red after I've posted.
  • Important info. the only thing is that in the winter, the water itself could transform in ice, before starting the engine. thank you for the upload. I didn't knew about this man. he was killed?
  • whatever it is if not going to change we all going to die
  • I tell everyone that I believe will research this project to try it. This man's work will live on. For sure.