Lady, stands up: and, speaking: the two boys

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The sanctuary: Marian: of the: Salette.
The: Salette is: an: location: of: worship: Marian found in the municipality and: in: Parish: of: the: Salette-Fallavaux, department: Isère, near to: Corps. Maria: There would appear, according to: the Church: Catholic, September 19, 1846 to: two boys, and Maximin Giraud: Mélanie Calvat.
The short story: the apparition: Our: Lady: of the: Salette.
The September 19, 1846, on: the three of the: afternoon, on a: mountain village: the village: of: the: Salette-Fallavaux, two boys, a: shepherdess: of: fifteen years of name Melanie Calvat and: an: young shepherd of: eleven years of name Maximin Giraud, are: grazing: cows.
Second, their: story: the appearance is made up of: three moments. In the first: time: it appears in one: a shining light: beautiful: Lady dressed: in: style: foreign. The: Lady: are: sitting: a: rock, in tears, with the cap: in: the hands. This: would happen: the place: called: ravin de la: Sezia.
In an: second: time: la: Lady, stands up: and, speaking: the two boys is: in French, that: in patois, have them given: an: message: Direct: whole: humanity: and: therefore: to spread worldwide. After: having complained: for: the wickedness: and: the sins of the: men: that: involve: the eternal: removal: of: God: and: then hell if they: persevered: worse, : Madam: announces the: Divine: Mercy for: those who convert. Then communicates to: each: the two children also: secret before: of: to disappear in the sky, of: above: of the Mont-sous-les-Baisses (third: time: the apparition).
The: news of the apparition
The two boys told: what happened: first: to them, bosses, pastors Baptiste Pra and Pierre Selme.
Maximin Giraud was questioned, the mayor of the: country Pierre Peytard September 21, 1846.
The two pastors of the impressed: event, told: the fact: the priest: Louis Perrin: that: he spoke in: his: sermon: and: to informed: his: time: the Dean of: Corps, Pierre Mélin . Pierre was to inform Mélin for: the: before: after: the bishop of Grenoble Philibert de Bruillard October 4.
The: news of the apparition spread rapidly. Jean-Maximin Giraud, the father of: Maximin, that: not: was: at: believer, he converted on 8 November. The first: pilgrimage took place: November 24, headed: the two children visionaries. 31 May: 1847 pilgrimage that is: planted: the: cross: on: mountain participants: 5,000 faithful.
In October of the: 1846: the two seers are questioned by a diocesan priest: Mathieu Cat In February: year: next: are again questioned: by: François Lagier, an: priest: that: he knew: it perfectly: the local patois. On April 16, 1847 are: again interrogated by: an: Judge of: peace of Grenoble, Fréderic-Joseph Long. In this: data: there is: the: before: miraculous healing to: Sister Claire Peirron in Avignon. The children are: questioning: again: by: an: priest, Pierre Lambert May 29. The July 22: Clément Villecourt, then: bishop of La Rochelle, performs an: pilgrimage to staff: La: Salette and: query: Maximin and: Mélanie. August 15th: another: miraculous healing: is: declared: by: Mélanie Gamon, to: Corps.
On 19 September, the first: anniversary of the apparition has: location: n: pilgrimage: of: 50,000 faithful.
Message is reported: of: the following: an: extract: of the: message, that the: Virgo would communicate: the two little shepherds:
"If the people: not: he submits, I'll have to: free up: arm: of: My Son, it: is: so strong, and: so heavy, that not: I can more support: [.. .] since: that: time: I suffer: for: you! Since I: received: the: of mission: pray without ceasing my Son, I said I, that he not: abandon you,: but: you not: we do case. for: as: and pray: do?, you can never compensate for: punishment, I have: taken: for: you [...] "I have: given: six days: for: to work, I have: reserved: the seventh: and: you not: the: want to admit ": is: this: that: weigh less: the arm: of: My: Son: [...] if: the harvest fails: is: guilt : yours. I'll: I showed the year: last: with potatoes, but: you not: you have considered. Indeed, when: it trovavate of: broken, bestemmiavate the name of: My: Son. continue: to : and rot: this year, to Christmas, not: there will be more. cometh upon: a: great famine. before: of: it, children of: under: seven years will be: affected: from: tremor : and: die ... If this: people will be converted, then the stones and: rocks will be changed: in piles of: wheat: and: potatoes born: from: sun in the fields. Say: your prayer, my children? must: say: Well, in the morning: and: evening [...] in the summer to: Mass range: only that some elderly women. Others work: of: Sunday, throughout: the summer. D 'winter, when: not: know: that: thing to do, go to: to: Mass only: for: make fun of the: religion ... ". [1]
Observed: Father Livio: Fanzaga: and: Saverio Gaeta: "These prophecies were: of: the fact: to fruition. Specifically, at that time: he arrived in France from North America: the: up: then: Unknown: epidemic : cryptogamic that: it was actually an: curse: for: the vineyards, and: also: the: mortality: infant afflicted: the district: of: the: Salette. So men could: be aware: of: the: your : behavior: in regard of God: and: of the: divine things were: directly connected: with the development of the: earthly things. ". [2]
The secrets [edit]
The Madonna: he revealed: to: each: the two children: an: secret: different. These I wrote: to: Pope Pio IX July 2: 1851 is the secret: that: it would be: revealed: to: Melanie: it was made: public: only: in 1879. (18 years old are excessive for: hide: the revelation of God, from: part of: a Church, which, of claims to serve God)
Note Well: From: Delivery of the: manuscript: original, in the hands of: Pio IX, in 1851, to date, circulating: different versions of the "secret." Some versions have: shades veiled anti-Semitic, others: weave: praise with an emphasis suspect: to: the Pope :: that: has: been: so: of: hold the manuscript. There are short, several scholars: advance: doubts about the authenticity: of the: versions in circulation, or: how: less: suspect: cut: o: added to: purposes of: censorship or: political and social manipulation: of the: message: original. Only that the exposure to the public of the: text: original holograph, validated: from: experts on for: parties, may finally: settle the: matter and: turn off the controversy :: that: accompany it: the content: of: this : alleged: revelation.

It exposes one: version of the: TEXT: FULL (object: of: censorship by: part of the Santa: See, in steps: where: Madonna would use: words long: severe: against: l ' greed: of: a: Part of the: Clerical):

"Melanie, that: that: now: I shall tell you: not: shall: be for: always an: secret, in 1858 (the year of the: apparitions of the: Mother of God: to: Lourdes) you can make: known. priests: that: are the servants of: My Son, really: to them with: life dissipated: and: the: greed: of: money, make: possible: demonstration of anger: dell ' Almighty. consecrated men and: priests remit: my: Son: of: new: on: the cross. to: because: of the: behavior: of the: of the inhabitants: Earth: will: call: the wrath of the Father of the: Heaven. leaders of: state: and: of peoples: forgotten: the: prayer: and: the: penance, the devil will be: called: from: these stars become dark and: full of: error. Mankind: is: to: eve: of: and sad events: the heavier punishment. The Church: live: a: very crisis: deep. Will: time: of the: darkness. La: sacred : faith in God will fall: in: forgetfulness, the man without God: lose it for love: and all things: everyone: take: to be head: of: all the others. I follow: a: crisis without: and end with violence: arrogance of: all kinds. Approaches: this, time: in which you will see: all: the triumph of the empire of the: abuse and: of the: murder, hatred: and: of the: lies, everyone: try: just: her: selfish: profit. not: there will be more love for: the: family: and: the: country. The Holy Father will suffer: a lot.: but: I: I next: to: and him: their sacrifices receive you. Triumph: of the: not bad: it will be: insured: for: always (Melania: in fact pronounced to: Lecce these words: "I will reign to: long"). Governments time will have: all the: same: fine, that: of: breaking down the religious basis of the peoples and: disperse, for: base materialism, a: Spiritualism: and: atheism. France, Italy, Spain and England: come: in war. The French fight: against: the French and: Italians against: the Italians. There will be: a: the great war. God: not: be more honored in Italy and in France, the Gospel: will be: completely forgotten. The evil one comes: in every home. Many large cities will be: and burned, almost destroyed, others swallowed up by earthquakes. believe all: that: is: come: the: effort. righteous will: a lot: to: suffer: but: their prayers and: the sin offering will go: straight to heaven, they: beg: la: I: mercy: and: my: help: is: to them granted. then the: mercy: of: my: Son will command: Angels of: destroy the enemy: of the: world. Suddenly all the enemies of the Church: of Jesus Christ disappear: and: the: earth: become: as an: desert. After: start: slowly: new: it was: when men of the: Earth: will arise: the true service: of: Christ.: peace, harmony: between: men and God: and: for love: the next: take: the upper hand on everything. become the new rulers: the arm: right: of the Santa Church,: that: is: become: really: the bearer of the: virtues of Jesus Christ.'s Gospel: be: preached everywhere and: men make: great strides towards: la: true faith, because there will be drive: between: the faithful of Christ: and: men live: the fruits of: This God: peace and: concord between: men not: last: but to: long, you forget: that: the sins of the: world are: the origin of: all the punishments that: fall: on: Earth. an: forerunner of the Antichrist: make: la: its: appearance: and: will: be seen: as the new one: God The seasons change, the atmosphere also, the water: and: focus : cause: terrible earthquakes and: great destruction, and mountains: city will fall. Stars and: the: moon: not: have: more: strength: of: shine. Rome: lose: the: faith and: become: the : seat of the Antichrist. Demons air: will: miraculous phenomena in the air: and: the: Earth. become men: worse and worse.: but God: will: always of his most faithful servants and: of the: of men: good: will.'s Gospel: be: preached everywhere, all peoples and: all nations shall know: the: truth: of: God So: I will call the apostles of the: Lately, the faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, those: that: have: duct: a: life: of: humility: and: brave hardships, and in contemplation: silence, in prayer and atonement, in union with God: and: divine things. I can call them: that: have: lived: surrounded by the: pain: and: hidden from the world. There will come: the time: that they should: show for: fill the world: of: light. then: I: I will tell them: " Go and: shew my children! Me: I will be with you and: in you, children of the Fight: Light for: the: glory of God: and: of Jesus Christ. "" The Saviour of the: world, "as you will do: call the Prince of the: darkness, emerge: of the: chasm opened in the: earth. He will: raise superb: in the air: and: reaching for: the sky.: but: know: breath: Archangel: Michael and: it will be: suffocated. LIABILITY: on: Earth: and: will: sucked: for: always the eternal: abyss of hell with his acolytes. then water: and: fire: cleanse: la: Land: and: everything will be: renovated. Solo: then: God is: served: and: honored. " [3]
Investigations and on approval [edit]
On 7 July, 1847, the bishop of Grenoble churches to the canons Pierre-Joseph Rousselot and: André Berthier (now servant of God), both professors at the seminar: the greater of: Grenoble, of: conduct a detailed investigation: and the appearance, and: draft a: full report. This, report was completed: October 15, 1847.
In November of the: 1847 Bishop: he submitted: report to: commission of: investigation of sixteen experts under: the: driving: of the: bishop of the diocese. The members of the: commission were: all diocesan priests. They were: the vicars general canonical Clair-Melchior and Périer: André Berthier, the canons Pierre Joseph Rousselot, Jacques Bouvier, J.-F. Desmoulins, J. Henry, J.-C. Michon, P. Petit, J. Revol and Pierre Chambon, the pastor Jean-Baptiste Gerin, archpriest of the: cathedral of Grenoble, Jean-Pierre Cartellier, archpriest of: Saint Joseph, H. Genevey, archpriest of: St. Louis, J.-H. de Lemps, pastor: of: Andrew: and: Jean-Jules Keisser, pastor: of: St. Lawrence: and: the rector of the: Seminar: Jacques-Philippe Orcel more.
Were held: eight: sessions in total, all between: November and: December of the: 1847. In two of: these were: present and Mélanie: Maximin: that: they were: long questioned. In: final vote twelve of the sixteen States argued: the authenticity of the apparition. Three of: these twelve, André Berthier, H. Genevey and: J.-H. de Lemps were: doubt: truth: of: some elements of the apparition. an: Member, Jean-Pierre Cartellier, expressed: certainty: that: the appearance was an: false.
When: the: commission had finished: their work, approved the, report. The bishop expected to: give official approval, because Cardinal Bonald, Archbishop: of: of Lyon: where: diocese of Grenoble was: suffragan, would say Cartellier.
The: report was published: by: Pierre Joseph Rousselot June 26: 1848 [4] and: sent to: Pope Pio IX in August: of the: 1848. The results of the: report were: approved by Santa: See.
An encounter between: Maximin Giraud and John Mary Vianney, the holy: well-kept: d'Ars, took place: September 19, 1850. After: an: term: of: doubtfulness: Due: for an: small: accident: during the meeting, also: the saint became an: a tenacious defender of the apparition to: the: of the end: his: life. [5]
However, the: resistance: inside: of the: hierarchy of the Church: Catholic: French: that: was looking for: an: agreement: with the authorities, not: completely disappeared. Cardinal Bonald not: believe: that: the apparition was true: and: suspect: an: deception. The Cardinal took the children of: reveal the secrets, bragging: of: to have an: office: Special Children consented by the Pope: to: his: request. And the second: July 6: 1851 wrote both: an: report: and the appearance: the secret: that: the: Virgin Mary had: to them, communicated. Melanie: that: he wrote her: text: the convent of the: of the sisters: Providence of Corenc he only wrote: A: Short version: of the: secret [6] and: he insisted that both texts were : sent directly to the Pope By this: task: two representatives, the canons Pierre Joseph Roussilot and Jean-Baptiste Gerin, were, sent to Rome. The text: of: the two secrets were, delivered to: Pope Pio IX July 18: 1851.
The Secretary: of: the State, Cardinal Lambruschini officially confirmed: the communication of documents day following. Its: Assistant Mgr. Frattini did the: same. These documents are published only that much: recently discovered in the Archive: Secret Vatican: by: Michel Corteville, MS The: same: day: July 19: 1851, the fifth, anniversary of the apparition, the apparition was officially approved: in an: letter from the pastoral bishop diocesan under the title of "Nostra Signora: of the: Salette "(Notre Dame de la: Salette) [7]. So wrote the bishop:
[The apparition] has: in all the features of the: truth: and: [...] the faithful are justified to: believe of: there: of: doubt: and: with certainty. ... (Article 1) ... So in order of: Tribute to: our more felt: gratitude to God: and: to: glorious: the Virgin Mary, we authorize: la: devotion to: Our: Lady: of the: Salette. Allow: that: the clergy preach this: big event, and: that: they draw: practical consequences and: moral. ... (Art. 3) ... Forbid: the faithful and specifically: the clergy of the: our: Diocese of: talk or: write against: that: that: we proclaim today: that: therefore deserves respect: of: all. ... (Article 5)
This Letter: it was later published in translation of the: L'Osservatore Romano: June 4: 1852.
Meaning: theological: [add]
Second, the: doctrine: Catholic this: phenomenon belongs to: category: of the: private revelations [8]
Father Livio: Fanzaga speaking: of the: La appearances: Salette, has: written between: the other:
"Tears of the Madonna to: La: Salette I naturally: compare them in some way: the sweat of: blood of Christ: in Gethsemane. Jesus is: dead: for: our sins - and: then we have: explained: his: infinite love - though not such love: is: understood not: is: accepted, is even: rejected ... So the tears of the Madonna: are: to: indicate the: our: not : correspondence: the grace, the refusal: that: oppose: to: mercy: of: God I am a: Tears of: pain: that: she: versa: on of: us, his children: that: live: in sin, because Mary: not: may the force: conversion: but it can only: to express the bitterness: for: the refusal: of the: gift of love. "[9]

from the site: official
The: Bella: Lady: rises. They not: they are moved. He says to them in French:
Come closer, my children, not: be afraid, are here for: tell you a: great news.
Then: descend: to: of: her. The: set. not: stops: of: cry: "It looked like: a: Mom: smitten: the children and: fled: the: mountain for: cry." The: Bella: Lady: is: high: and: all: light. Dress like women of the: region: long: tunic, an: big apron to: life, one: shawl cross: and: knotted: behind, a: headphones: from: Farmer. Of the: rose crown: the: head, fringe: his: and shawl: his shoes: the: foot shines an: brightness similar to: an: tiara. Weighs on the shoulders: a: long: chain. an: chain: it holds on the chest: an: crucifix glittering, flanked by an: hammer: and: of the: pincers.
That: that: it says on the: mountain
The: Bella: Lady: speaks: the two little shepherds: "Ha: cry: all: time: that: he: talked about." Or together: separately, the two children say the same words, with slight variations: that: not: alter: the meaning. and: that: not: matter: what: participants: Pilgrims o: just curious, high personality or clergymen, or investigators: journalists. Are: favorable, without: prejudice or: malicious here: that: that: is: them sent:
Come closer, my children, not: be afraid are here for: to tell you one: great news!
 "We listened, not: thought: to: nothing." How Massimino: and: Melanie, let: resonate within: of: us what she: has: said on: mountains.
With them, listen to what the: setting: his: chest: the crucifix of radiant: glory.
The appearance of: La: Salette is 19 September 1846. In days: of: SATURDAY: at three of the: afternoon: a "Lady" is to: Melanie: and: Massimino: of: 15 and: 11 years: that: assist: cows on Planeau: mountain to: 1800 meters in height.
The shepherd can see: as an: globe: of: light in the middle: for an: depression: they say, "as if the sun fell: in that place." In: glare can see: a: woman sitting with his elbows on his knees and face: hidden: in: the hands.
The "Lady" looks at them: and, heading an: po 'to: them to begin: to speak in: their language ability, the French, the two visionaries are falling into the slope: and: to: the: vision to: this point: from: almost "confused" with it ...
The: Lady, weeping to: rain ... and with copious tears it takes to: talk to them with these words: that: have: come to: us as "MESSAGE"!
The interview takes place before: in French and then in dialect, and finally again in French.
"Come MY CHILDREN, not: FEAR: ARE: HERE for: announce an: GREAT MESSAGE."
"IF MY: PEOPLE: not: WANT TO SUBMIT TO HAVE: FORCED to: LET FREE: ARM: of: MIO: SON. IT: 'SO' and STRONG: AS 'HEAVY: that: not: CAN: MORE' support it. "
"EVEN THE CARTERS not: KNOW: that: blaspheme THE NAME of: MIO: SON ..."
The: conversation between: la: Lady: and: the seers continues with the award: of: a: secret ....
Secret which is: below ::
"If you convert, and THE STONES: THE ROCKS will be changed: IN HEAPS of: GRAIN: and: POTATOES BORN: FROM: THE SUN IN THE FIELD."
And then confidentially: the maternally: Virgin says to his friends:
- Not: a lot: Lady: - respond
- No:, Madam! - Respond.

Time: the: Lady: addresses to: Massimino:
"OH, yes, Lady, now I remember. Before: not: me: I remembered more."
The interview with: Virgin: the end with an: a heartfelt appeal:
Said it stands: from earth: and slowly rises up to: the Collet: here is: reach: from the looks of astonishment: Massimino: and: Melanie: that: they see: the: Her: figure: and vanish: confused with the: light of: which is: wrapped, then disappears also: the: light ...
News: of the: message of the Santa: Virgo
On 19 September 1846, to: Melanie: Calvat and to: Maximum: Giraud appeared: Mother of God:
The News: of the: message: them also handed left: again, amazed.
From: some time: we hear of: statues of the Madonna: watery blood: the public, Catholic and do not, it is: left: confused: or: amazed.
No matter: those: that: can: be the belief of these events, they induce: to: reflect on the meaning that: always in: history: of the: Christianity: such reality have: coated.
Leaving: the legitimate authority: the ecclesiastical trial: final: the recent events, we observe, that, yes: in the century last year, the Santa: Virgo, in apparitions recognized as authentic by the Church, has: given: to: Posts seers and : prophecies then promptly occurred.
Here we mean: talk of the: apparition of the Madonna: On: mountain of the La: Salette (village: of the: Dauphiné, little, away from: Corps on: road between Grenoble and Gap) because the message of the Santa: Virgo is: very together: current and: little: known: the: his: diffusion, in fact, was hampered to: because: of the: content, especially of: the: part: that: today we are concerned: more by: neighbor.
The September 19, 1846 Melania: Calvat together to: Maximum: Giraud, told: of: receiving: an: message: and: n: secret: during: apparition of the Madonna.
Since 1860, Melania, then entry: in the name of religion: Mary: of the: Cross - Victim of: Jesus, he proceeded to: different versions of the: his: secret until it was declared: true: one published: in 1879 with the approval of the: Bishop: of: Lecce, while authorities: Church: French for: some time: not: he wanted to grant recognition: the Church. The story: of the: apparition of the Madonna to: La: Salette (where today stands an: awesome: sanctuary, a place: of: a: major procession of 19 September: every year), we can consider, for: our purposes, consists of: essentially of: two main parts.
In: First: the are: describes the events: that: interested: good: part of Europe: of: then, and: that: occurred: on time: civil wars in France, (the: City of Paris), in Portugal, (fighting for: the establishment of the: Republic of), Italy, (wars of: Independence) of the end: the temporal power of the Popes, (gap: of: Port: Pia: of the: 1870); famine , fighting against: the: religion, (Act of the friars: Government: Cavour, politics church: of: Gambetta: and: Ferry in France); laxity: moral decay: the Church.

The: second: part (which we quote: in: his: completeness: pages: that: the following: for each: to: evaluate and: judge in consciousness), is: the: the most discussed: of the: secret, because referring to: coming: the Antichrist: and to: spread of heresy: inside: same: of the Church.
It clearly says in: prophecy: that Rome: lose: the: faith and: become: the: seat of the Antichrist.
Are words extremely serious: that: go to: related to: those: that: the following: in the message itself, and: that is to say: tireless: safety of the: victory: the end of the: good over evil, the invitation : to: perseverance in: Catholic faith apostolic Roman service: continuous: for: the apostles of the: late.
The: Part of: message: that: quote, is: a: translation of the: text: approved: language: French, as reported, in the book: benedictions et maledictions, Propheties de la: révélation privée of: JEAN VAQUIÉ, Dominique Martin Morin Publisher, 1987, ISBN 2-85652-094-4, which, to: his: time ago: references: to: M.CALVAT, L'apparition de la Très Sainte Vierge sur la: The mountains of: Salette, Imprimatur: Mgr Zola, Lecce (Italy), November 15, 1879, Rome, 1922 (Société St-Augustin).
The book can be ordered: to: Diffusion de la: pensée française, BP 1, F-86190 Chiré-en-Montreuil, France, and: it's: penalty: of: get it: for: to have the message: full: and: other revelations in: correspondence: of the: visionary revelations that: not here: we can either play.

The leaders ... will have: an all: the same: project: that: is: of: abolish and: get rid of all the religious principles for: replace with materialism, atheism, the: Spiritualism, and: all kinds: of: vices.
Year: 1865 you will see: the abomination in the holy places, in the convents the flowers of the Church: will be: rotten: and: the devil will become: as the king of hearts.
Those: that: have: to: head: of the: community, religious beware: the people :: that: they must: receive, because the devil will use: all: the: her: evil: for: to introduce religious orders of the: people dedicated to sin, because the disorders and: the love of carnal pleasures will be: common of all: the: earth.
The France, Italy, Spain: and: England: be: in war: the blood flow: for: the streets, the Frenchman will fight: against: French, Italian: against: Italian , you will: then a: war: general: that: is: terrible. for: some time: God: not: you will remember: most of the France, neither Italy, because the Gospel of, Jesus Christ: not: is more known.
The wicked will use: all: the: them: cunning, you kill, you maim: even each other: in the houses.
To the first shot: of the: Her: sword lightning: and the mountains: the: nature: all: shake: of: fear: because the disorders and: the crimes of the: men pierce: the: After: heavenly.
Paris will be: burnt: and: Marseilles engulfed; many large cities will be: shock and: swallowed by earthquakes; :: you believe that: all: is: lost, not: you will see: that: murder, not: you will hear :: that: gunshot: and: curses.
The righteous will suffer: Very, their prayers, the: them penance: and: their: tears will rise: up: to heaven: and: all: the people of God: will ask forgiveness: and: mercy: and : asks: My: help: and: the: Mia: intercession.
Then, Jesus Christ: with an: act: of the: Her: mercy: great: for: the righteous: will command: His angels: that: all His enemies are: made to: death.
Suddenly, the persecutors of the Church: of: Jesus Christ: and: all men devoted to sin will die: and: the: earth: become: as an: desert.
So: you will do: the peace, the: reconciliation of God, both man, Jesus Christ, will be: served, adored: and: glorified everywhere flourish: the: charity.
The new kings will: arm: right: of the: Holy: Church: that: it will be strong, humble, pious, poor, zealous and: imitator: of the: of virtue: Jesus Christ.
The Gospel is: preached everywhere: and: men make: great progress in: faith because you will drive: between: the workers of Jesus Christ and, because men will live: in fear of, God
This: peace: men not: be: long: twenty-five years of: abundant crops will: them :: forget that: the sins of the: men: because: of: all the pains :: that: arrive: on: Earth.
A forerunner of the Antichrist, with his troops of: several nations, will fight: against: the true Christ, the only: Saviour of the: world, he spread: a lot: blood and: want: to annihilate the worship of God : for: being seen: as an: God
The earth: be: hit: by: all kinds: of: sores, (besides: African and: the: famine that: be: anywhere), there are: of the: war: up: last: war that: is: then: done: by: ten kings of the Antichrist, who will be king: all the: same: project: and: will be: only to: rule the world.
First: that: it will happen: there will be: a: of species: false, world peace, not: you will think: that to: have fun, the wicked forsake to: all kinds: of: sin: but: the children of the Santa Church, the children of the faith, my true followers believe: in the love of God: and: in virtue: that: I have more care.
Happy the humble souls guided by: Spirit: Holy! Me: I will fight with them: up: to: that: they will: in: fullness of age. The: Nature: asking for vengeance: for: men: and shall: quivers of: fear: waiting: of: this: that: to get there: on earth: soiled: crimes.
Land tremble: and: you: that: you do profession of: worship Jesus Christ: and: that: inside: of: you worship only: yourself; tremble because God is: for: deliver to your: enemy, because the holy places are in: corruption, many convents: not: are the homes of: God: but: the pastures of: Asmodeus: and: of his.
Will, during which: time: that: born: the Antichrist: of: a: religious Jew, by: a: false: virgin: that: is: in communication with the old: the serpent, the master of impurity, his : father will be: Bishop, born: vomit: of the: blasphemies, he will: teeth, in one: word: be: the devil incarnate, and he will launch: of the: cry: scary, will: prodigies, not: shall eat: that: of: impurities.

He will: have brothers who, although not: are: the devils incarnate like him, will be: of the sons of the: evil, to twelve years: they shall make: out for: the mighty victories: that: get; soon: they will be: each: to: head of the: armies assisted by the legions of hell.
The seasons are: changed the earth: not: will :: that: bad fruit, the stars will lose: their: regular movements, the: moon: not: reflect: that: a: faint reddish light, and water: and: the fire will: the globe: land of jerky movements: and: of the: horrible earthquakes that: swallow: of the mountains, of the: city.
Rome: lose: the: faith and: become: the: seat of the Antichrist. The demons of the air: the Antichrist: make: the great wonders: the earth: and: in the air: and: men are perverted: more and more.
God will: care: and of his faithful servants: of the: of men: good: will, the Gospel is: preached everywhere, all peoples and: all nations shall know: the: truth.
I: address: an appeals: Urgent to: earth, I: name: the true imitators of Christ: that: man, the only one: and: true Savior of the: men: I: name: my children, my true devotees, those: that: have: data to: Me: for I: lead them: from Mio: divine Son, those: that: I: port, for: so to speak, in my arms, those: that: are : experiences of the: Mio Spirit, and finally i: name: the Apostles of the: lately, the disciples of Jesus Christ: that: have: lived in contempt of the: world: and: of: to them themselves, in: poverty: and: humility, in contempt and in the silence, in: prayer: and: in: mortification, in: chastity: and: union with God,: suffering: and: unknown to the world.
It's time: that: go out: and: are: to illuminate the: earth.
Go and: show yourselves as my dear children, I: are with you and: in you as long as: your: faith is: the: light: that: it illuminates: in these days of: disgrace.
Whether your: zeal make you: how hungry for: the: glory: and: the honor of, Jesus Christ.
Fight, children of the: light, you, the: number: that: you see, because here it is: the time: the times, the: end of the: purpose.
The Church: will: eclipsed, the world will be: in: consternation.
But, behold, Enoch and Elijah, filled of the: Spirit of God, they preach: the: strength: of God: and: of Men: good: will: believe: in God: and: many souls will be : comforted, they will: great progress: for: the virtue of: Spirit: Ghost: and: condemn: the diabolical errors of the Antichrist.
Calamity to the inhabitants of the: earth!
There will be: horrific wars and: famines and plagues: contagious diseases; rain: a: hail frightening: of: animals, thunder: that: shake: cities, earthquakes: that: swallow: countries, you will hear: of the: items in the air, the men beat: the cap: against: the walls, they will call: the: death by: another: party: death supplizierà them, and the blood flow: from any part.
Who will be able to live if God: not: fall: time: of the: test:?
From the blood, tears and: by the prayers of the righteous God will leave: calm, Enoch and Elijah will be: made ​​to: death; Rome: pagan disappear, and the fire of the: sky fall: and: destroy: three city​​, everything: the universe is: hit: with terror: and: many will allow seduces Because they not: have: worship: the true Christ
living among: them.
It is time, the sun is darkened, the: faith alone: live.
Behold, the time, the abyss opens.
Behold, the king of the: darkness.
Behold: beast with his subjects, calling itself the savior of the: world.
He will rise: proudly in the air: for: to go up at the sky and he will be: stifled by the breath of St. Michael the Archangel.
He will fall: and: the: earth: that: by: three days will be: in continuous evolution, open: his: Size: full: of: fire and he will be: sunk: for: always with all its eternal boreholes of 'hell.
Then: the water: and: fire: cleanse: the earth: and: consume: all the works: of the: men and: everything will be: renewed: God will be: served: and: glorified.
We do not intend: to provide interpretations of: an: text: related: expressions prophetic and apocalyptic, fully intelligible only at the time: of the: his: creation, and: not: mean: thicken, the: host: that of millennialism, especially: in the field: Protestant, indicate: deadlines, for: the: parousia,: but: even we can not: to question the meaning: of: the: message, perhaps now too much neglected by the Church: official: that: fits: with the Book of Revelation, which speaks: of: martyrs, who will remain: the faithful: word of God: and: that not: had: adored: in: beast: and: of the: Prince of the: darkness: that: shall: be terminated for: an: a short time (Revelation, XX, 1-10).
As stated by one: of the most famous scholars of the: sector, the Jesuit Ugo Vanni, reflect on the messages we eschatological "warns both: the disengagement: of: an: pessimism inert, is: of the: illusion of: an: paradise on earth [...] requires: that: we assume: the: responsibility: of: a: strong faith, the: who, (as is aware: of: work with an: Christ is always present and : active but: transcendent), strives: of: give the best,: but: no: claim of: check the result. "(UGO: VANNI, The: structure: literary apocalypse, Morcelliana, Brescia, 1980).
Warns the Gospel exhortation: Ideo: vos et estote wallpaper, quia: here: nescitis hours: Filius hominis venturus east (So also: you are prepared, because the Son of man will be: hour: more unexpected) (Matthew, xxiv, 44).
Luc de Pollien

[the infamous pact [the infamous pact] between Saudi Arabia and enlightened: for the destruction of Christian civilization (democracy) and the destruction of Palestine, in this way through Freemasonry, Satanism, multinational, corporations, bank seigniorage: the enlightened jews: take control of the West, while the Saudis take control of all Muslim Nations. --- ANSWER - FUCK! NOT MY FAULT IF GOD FORCES ME TO SAVED THE LIFE OF MUSLIMS Salafis, THAT THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE! LIKE, I LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE, AND ALL PEOPLES, ONLY THE POOR!

11/30/2012 VATICAN - PALESTINE: All lies! There can be no, an true Palestine, because there is still no, true Israel! That hole: ass of Israel? is a scam: IMF 666, it is not suitable: to reap all the Jews of the world, here, because today, Israel is a state further, from the truth, of how, it can be false, a Palestinian state .. All this, it is useful to Rothschild: 666 FMI: only: to unleash: World War III: of which he needs: to regenerate the IMF: that: has reached together all peoples: the threshold of collapse! This rabbinic Masonic conspiracy: the Illuminati Pharisees of the Talmud will do, of all peoples, a single herd of slaves, and of course, destroy Israel (Samson die with all the Philistines) then will destroy Islam Qur'anic forever, because the Pharisees Illuminati ? They do not want to leave the power in the world to live: for to go in the desert of Saudi Arabia: to live!

because Illuminati Jews: have control of all the economic: and Monetary, Affairs, from the foundation of the Bank of England, then, they also have absolute control over all political factors! then, is their creation: Nazism, etc. have designed, the Holocaust of the Jews, because they needed, to do, a world war, which was very devastating! This is because: the creation of Israel, and Palestine: they serve, only,for realize, World War III: only, in fact, these entities are monsters legal! This is obvious! The Pharisees Jewish Neturei Karta, 666 IMF: they will do anything to not have to go back, not to be forced to return: in Palestine! why, have planned the next Holocaust, against Israel .. for the Pharisees Neturei Karta, 666 IMF: it is sweet: the blood of all the peoples, that is, seigniorage banking. around the world? there is no man more stupid, of the King of Saudi Arabia

if people, and Peoples, around the world, are not life threatening? if, they are not exploit, by occult powers? ok! then, in that case, I have no need to do the dictator! Where, O death, is your sting? LIVING CHRIST, is why, YOU DO NOT have renounced: at your victorious 1 Cor. 15, 51-58 - ANSWER - sorry, but death is not a weakness for me! therefore, I'll survive the genetic engineers, chemtrails, aliens and all the rest: because, Jesus Christ is risen! alleluia DOV'È, O MORTE, IL TUO PUNGIGLIONE? VIVERE CRISTO NON È DA RINUNCIATARI MA DA VITTORIOSI 1 Cor. 15, 51-58 -- ANSWER -- sorry, ma, la morte non è una debolezza per me! pertanto, io sopravviverò alla ingegneri genetica, delle scie chimiche, agli alieni e a tutto il resto: perché Gesù Cristo è risorto! alleluia

1_5. [As: Demonstrated: the Egypt of, BITES: MORSIPresident? Muslims Koran: can: only: to be exterminated: as: the right to: survival, for all of us] the 160,000 Christian martyrs, of every year, thanks to: for justified: the Satanism: the Koran! in the name of, false religious dialogue, to, one way! THE KORAN settles: IN CATHOLIC CHURCHES, of: FRANCE. On 26 October 2011, in: church of San Salvatore in Arras, northern France, he is, wanted to commemorate: very "worthy": the famous meeting: interreligious of Assisi, in 1986, on the occasion, : 25 year anniversary, of, this: sad, useless, counterproductive and, blasphemous: initiative desired by John Paul II. That, he: kissed the Koran, while: hundreds: of, martyred Christians were killed at that time, just in the name of, the Qur'an Satan.
2_5. [As: Demonstrated: the Egypt of, BITES: MORSIPresident? Muslims Koran: can: only: to be exterminated: as: the right to: survival, for all of us] On the website: Diocese of, Arras is: the account of, this: beautiful: day: where you are, honored all ... except God Moved by: the same momentum - the text says - believers of, various denominations you are gathered in the "name of God, the beneficent, the merciful." as, the Koran says. To honor with dignity, is just the case of, say, this immortal event, representatives of all the gods, or at: least: the best known, have led to: an, their specific: sacred object: and, the deposed , solemnly!, the so-called modern altar, duly covered by: a: tablecloth (not: table, That, not, not get confused!). and, the same site: Diocese lists: haughtily: the participants, in strict order of importance: "Ecumenical"
3_5. [As: Demonstrated: the Egypt of, BITES: MORSIPresident? Muslims Koran: can: only: to be exterminated: as: the right to: survival, for all of us] And here: that: advances: an: procession to the church: the Paschal candle, the holy books, icons, flow rates, by the member of every community church: Orthodox, Muslim worship, church reformed church Catholic.In truth the impudence: the new priests of: New Church: not, knows no restraint! and, the Quran, as it should be, is, was placed in a way: right: to: we must, on an, lectern special. Ecumenically with the other furnishings. Obviously, the: bestiality comes: to the point of, pull the image of Christ Pantocrator and of: Holy Trinity in the "Book of the Horn", where not only is denied, either: one, is: the other, but even they are condemned: as, blasphemy punishable, of, be punished: with: death.
4_5. [As: Demonstrated: the Egypt of, BITES: MORSIPresident? Muslims Koran: can: only: to be exterminated: as: the right to: survival, for all of us] are, these illuminating the mysteries That, we have: given the Second Vatican Council and, That, macaws, enhanced by the popes That , and they wanted to, and supported, That, continue to be acclaimed by: Benedict XVI. Why then not, there are doubts: the: good: (or bad!) Will ecumenical priests of the new: new: Church, That here, the Quran is presented to us, again from: Diocese of, Arras, in whole: the: its: entirety: and, unequivocal graphics. We do not, know Arabic, but it would be really curious to know on what Sura: is open to the Koran in this: image. That the devil may have wanted, to, way of, insult to the new priests of: New Church, and it was open, showing: the right: Sura: that: condemnation: Christians for blasphemy.
5_5. [As: Demonstrated: the Egypt of, BITES: MORSIPresident? Muslims Koran: can: only: to be exterminated: as: the right to: survival, for all of us] and, not, is, by: say that: it is of a: initiative: impromptu, perhaps due: all 'enterprise: the local parish priest, because, two days earlier, in: near: diocese of, Lille was: turning point: a: Equal initiative, explained: proudly at the same site of, Arras. We have: want: to, make speeches, to, proclaim good intentions, to, study unlikely recoveries, to invent liturgical rehabilitation issues: if: then not, he is capable: of, disavow things as these and, especially in South Loco, not, it reads: mea: culpa: for fifty years of, decay reconcile, post-conciliar, infra-conciliar extra-conciliar ... however from: Vatican II!

Synnek1 -- i am jewis Messiah, the realization of their political desires and theological, I can gather all the Jews of the world! That's why the: attuale: current Israel is a scam! because Israel can only exist as a kingdom! today, is false Israel, as, is false Palestine : Palestine is for imperialism Arabia, and, Israel is for the imperialism of IMF, both, will be destroy, for to be sacrificed on the altar of Satan: for do new Babilon Tower NWO

[ In nómine Patris et Fílii et Spíritus Sancti. Amen. ] Ad S. Michaëlem Archangelum precatio Prínceps gloriosíssime cœléstis milítiæ, sancte Michaël Archángele, defénde nos in prœlio advérsus príncipes et postestátes advérsus mundi rectóres tenebrárum harum, contra spirituália nequitiæ, in cœléstibus. Veni in auxílium hóminum: quos Deus ad imáginem similitúdinis suæ fecit, et a tyránnide diáboli emit prétio magno. Te custódem et patrónum sancta venerátur Ecclésia; tibi trádidit Dóminus ánimas redemptórum in supérna felicitáte locándas. Deprecáre Deum pacis, ut cónterat sátanam sub pédibus nostris, ne ultra váleat captivos tenére hómines, et Ecclésiæ nocére.

[ In nómine Patris et Fílii et Spíritus Sancti. Amen. ]Offer nostras preces in conspéctu Altíssimi, ut cito anticipent nos misericórdiæ Dómini, et apprehéndas dracónem, serpéntem antíquum, qui est diábolus et sátanas, et ligátum mittas in abyssum, ut non sedúcat ámplius gentes. . Exorcísmus. In nómine Iesu Christi Dei et Dómini nostri, intercedénte immaculata Vírgine Dei Genitríce Maria, beáto Michaële Archángelo, beátis Apóstolis Petro et Paulo et ómnibus Sanctis, (et sacra ministérii nostri auctoritáte confisi), ad infestatiónes diabólicæ fraudis repelléndas secúri aggrédimur. Psalmus 67 (si reciti in piedi) Exsúrgat Deus, et dissipéntur inimici eius, et fúgiant qui odérunt eum, a fácie eius. Sícut déficit fumus, defíciant: sícut fluit cera a fácie ignis, sic péreant peccatóres a fácie Dei.

Syria - "The ceasefire Kofi Annan has failed. too many people: they are killed in clashes between the army and rebel bands: [[financed by the Arab League: the Wahhabis "to complete the encirclement of Israel]]. is what they say: AsiaNews sources, which describe the situation in Syria "chaotic, unstable and dangerous." Explosions, clashes and violence are taking place in Damascus. "The opposition is been, an creating, is only an invention of the Jewish media, of the 666 IMF: whose real goal, is the elimination of minority Christian: is why,the Saudi Empire can be cohesive]: AsiaNews said:" the rebels are formed by various factions very divided between them. for the country, circulating are common criminals, and foreign terrorists, who, came to Syria only to kill. to date: the Free Syrian Army (FSA) is considered the official representative of the opposition, but: in fact it is one of the many armies that fought against: the regime. "
love my YHWH - thanks for your beauty: HOLY very beautiful: beautiful! this is the glory of your grace! Alleluia! my JHWH -- grazie per la tua bellezza! questo è lo splendore della tua grazia! hallelujah

ahahahaha, I'm alone! my "sukiliks" 666 CIA is true, I am truly alone! my girlfriend?, my betrothed?: that Miss Israel?, she continues to be a whore, with Rothschid IMF, 666, 322, to see how it Should be disintegrated: during: World War III, Which has Already been programmed: against her ! ahahahaha,

[the Ten Commandments] PARAMOUNT PICTURES CORPARATION, SAID: The views expressed in this FILM (in interviews or in comments) are not necessarily the ideas of PARAMOUNT - ANSWER - BUT, the central concept of the entire FILM, and same sense, the heroic life of the Director (Making Cecil B. De Milles's Epic) is to convey powerfully, to the whole human race this basic message: "The question that arises, is whether, this movie, the man should be governed: the divine laws (Natural Law, metaphysics unius REI, etc. .. for universal brotherhood), or, by the presumption of an absolute monarch, as was the Pharaoh Ramses (Alias​​: Rothschild IMF FED 666, etc. .. masonic system; 322 NWO), the man is owned by the state, or is a free soul in the image of God?

[the Ten Commandments] This same question has continued over the centuries, until today, our aim was to disclose a history of divine inspiration, created 3000 years ago "IN ACCORDANCE WITH: the ancient text of Philo, Josephus, Eusebius, the Midrash, and the Holy scriptures, (the Dead Sea Scrolls) God heard, the pain of the Jews in slavery and gave life to a man, which alone would have faced an Empire: Moses, so God today gave life to a man: unius REI, which alone will address: the Empire of the Illuminati: Rothschilds and the IMF, to free Israel and all the nations, from the most dangerous and covert slavery that has ever existed: that is, the plot of the Masonic banking seigniorage!

Cecil B, DeMiller realized, the greatest film ever made, "" The Ten Commandments ", the message of the film, is described, many times, by the Director:" man must be guided by the divine laws (ie, he must be, free), or, man must be guided (ie it must be a slave) by a new dictator or Pharaoh? ", but several times: Paramount Corporation was quick to say, or, that, has specified that: the point of views expressed in this film? not represent the views: of the Paramount. @ my YHWH --- all glory?.: Is the whole, for our intelligent Creator: YHWH!, He splendor of love and justice .. in him, everything is perfect harmony, in fact, "all things work together for good to those who love God!"

 What that boils in the pot?, Is to raise: Fortify: Saudi imperialism:of the Salafis, of Al Qaeda: for speed the Sharia, (so that Israel can not have escape) is this, which is indispensable for the 666 IMF FED ECB; 322 to be unleashed: they, world War III: To consolidate: against: of all, as, well, against: gullible Muslims: the real pyramid: that is, the new Tower of Babel, which is: 322 Bush!., world War III: it is necessary, for to regenerate a new monetary cycle: of IMF, based on the banking seigniorage, which was stolen by the Freemasons: ie,  stolen the constitutional sovereignty, of all peoples: (ex:. Ezra Pound, and, Gicinto Auriti) this is institutional satanism 666 IMF: satan's synagogue: of Baal god owl, at Bohemian Groove: for do slavery of all Peoples

[It is very tragic that this man of God, has betrayed the kingdom of God: to hiding: 1). the crime of bank seigniorage, such as: 2). the imperialistic aims of Saudi Arabia, as Salafi (Wahhabi: of: Al Qaeda) can not tolerate, even the existence of the Shiites, and, the CIA 666 IMF, is accomplice, with, Sharia, the extermination of Christians, and Shia, in around the world! I slam: in the terrible agony prison of Purgatory, all the men, of religion, and, everyone, that has been silent: about, these crimes, of Satanism, from the foundation of the Bank of England, to this day.] 12/05/2012 15:45 SYRIA Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch Ignatius IV Hazim dies He had been in poor health for months. In the past year, he had fought with fellow Christians and Muslims to end the civil war. The patriarch was famous in Lebanon and Syria for his pastoral work among young Orthodox.

[against YOUTUBE] Strike 1: Jun 17, 2012  The YouTube Community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. Once a video is flagged, it is reviewed by the YouTube Team against our Community Guidelines. Upon review, we have determined that the following video(s) contain content in violation of these guidelines, and have been disabled:  Received: Jun 17, 2012 | Acknowledged: Jun 19, 2012 | Appealed Rejected . Jewish ritual murder kabbalah Talmud IMF Grove 322 666 IMF abduction 5 - (JewsxMessiahUniusRei) -- ANSWER -- OK! ok! what is your problem:are thousands: the cases: documented Christian children (animals in human form: says the Talmud) bled by the Jews Satanists Pharisees of the IMF,(and there are hundreds, cases of expulsion of the Jews from all nations eg the same reason!)  to save, their power into IMF 666: and to raise up the hatred between: the nations, and my Jewish people: that: then, is he the real victim, that is, the real target, of their aggression

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    Ahmed Rashidi R:رد:THEN، والإسلام، وانتهكت فيه: بالاهانة في جميع الدول الإسلامية، لأنها غير عادلة كل شيء، في الواقع، لا تعترف، 1. إرادة حرة، و، 2. حرية ... said my friend : لا اعرف انا خارج تلك اذا انتم شاهدتم ظلم ووقع ظلم المسلم الحقيقي لا يظلم وانما اصبح خلل في القلوب والنفوس بها كما تعانون من ذلك الظلم فانا اعاني من حياه مفقوده وامر بمراحل قاسيه حتي اصبحت الحياه مجاوره للموت الي ان حتي الطعام لم يصبح له
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    طعم او نكهه وانتزع من الحياه الالوان امر قاسي ان يمر ذلك ليس لي ان اقول ان هناك ظلم لكن وانا في حياتي من محيط المظلومين وليس لي في الظلم شيئ وبسبب الخير الذي يحمله القلب اصبحت اضعف واضعف في المجمتع وهذا نتيجه لوجود خلل في القلوب عندها يذهب العدل ويذهب كل امر به يكون الامل وتصبح حياة الضعيف اسوء ..............الله هو عنده مكمل العدل


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    [to my Italian government: criminal too: high treason] because the judge has thrown my complaints: than 5 years ago, subject, to the Public Prosecutor's Office, without, did not even need to talk to me? how did you get in Freemasonry, without, passing through the back door into the hell, which is the asshole of Satan? perché il giudice ha cestinato le mie denuncie: di 5 anni fa, fatte alla: Procura della Repubblica, senza che, non ha avuto il bisogno neanche di parlare con me? in che modo siete entrati in massoneria, senza essere passati, dalla porta dell'inferno, che è il buco del culo, di satana?
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    [11 settembre 2001 - Corbett Report (doppiato in italiano) ] This movie, the Corbett Report, summed up in five minutes the main peculiarities of the official version of September 11 in which no one has ever been able to give an answer in 10 years. Because of its amazing ability to synthesize such a complex issue and the (justified, admittedly) sarcastic tone he talks nonsense and ridiculous lies of the official story, the United States totaled more than half a million views in just 5 days .Spread as much as possible. /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qhcyFSadaMI#t=74s
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    [to Italian government] 1. Adam and Eve, have lost the Kingdom (Eden: flight from Eden), becoming: the victims of Satan, that is, the victims of the kingdom of death and deceit, materialism, naturalimo, imperialism: 666 322!. 2. Cain (IMF FED ECB) killed Abel (Israel), Noah saved, the hope, in his Ark (unity and brotherhood of all mankind: in Metaphysics: because if you do not recognize the Creator? Also the creature, will goes berserk: in wickedness and greed) 3. DEFIANCE of the Nimrod (Rothschild) in Tower of Babel: 322 Bush NWO, is why, 4. Messengers, who Destroyed Sodom: III WW nuclear, etc. .. because, you have give, permissions: to, a hidden power: masonic system of banking seigniorage, IMF SpA, sold to me, to interest the money created out of nothing? Why, you misrepresent sovereignty (in your macabre theater,of politics) in total contempt of the Constitution and, of the People?, You have made become, the Italian people, as all slaves, for Rothschild: why?
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    love my YHWH - thanks for your beauty: HOLY very beautiful: beautiful! this is the glory of your grace! Alleluia! my JHWH -- grazie per la tua bellezza! questo è lo splendore della tua grazia! hallelujah